Through a continue exchange of experiences with the customers, and thanks to the knowledges developped in almost 40 years in the production of rollers to fire ceramic products, is born the new “LPX65”: the excellent roller! The research of these years has been looking to study a roller with high bending resistance during working operations inside the kiln: LPX65 has got a very high Elasticity Module (M.O.E.), at the maximum levels of the market. This is combined with a very low bulk density to reach a remarkable reduction of the stress the roller supports due to its own weight.
LPX65 during the rotation inside the kiln keeps a perfect straightness, thus reducing a big portion of the problems of the tile flow, which – especially in wide kilns – tends to speed up lateral tiles more than those in the centre.The thermal-mechanical characteristics of LPX65 make it particularly suitable to fire industrial homogeneous tiles where both weights and temperatures in the kiln reach very high levels. The advantages of LPX65 are not only these: its particolar chemical body composition combined with a very high firing temperature originates a “protection barrier” against the alkaline aggression. As a consequence this roller performs properly also if used inside kilns with an atmosphere particularly aggressive, granting a long lasting life compared to products traditionally used. LPX65 is therefore very versatile and can be used all over the kiln areas granting always excellent performances, thus helping to reduce the management costs of the kiln.
Our technical staff is at your disposal for any additional information, thanking you in advance for the trust you will grant to us with the trial of the product.